Official Fight Plan

A Boxing Focused Planner

This workout journal helps you develop into a better boxer. It contains daily boxing workout pages that are designed to track progress and growth. Documenting your workout progress shows your growth and this boxing workout planner takes the noise away and focuses solely on boxing.

Log Your Daily Grind

A boxing workout encompasses more than just rounds. It is the cardio, the bag workouts, the speedbag, and all the conditioning that goes with boxing. The Official Fight Plan has a place to track your growth in all areas, including your nutrition.

Erique Davis, Ann Arbor Michigan

Heavy Bags

Building muscle memory is a gradual daily process.

Morgan Tinsley, Ann Arbor Michigan

Cardio Training

Cardio is a part of boxing. Your conditioning is reflected in the ring.

Weight and Nutrition

Boxing requires discipline. Both in and out of the ring, and nowhere else is it more important than in the kitchen. Treat your body well and it will serve you well. Some foods can leave you feeling groggy and foggy. With the Official Fight Plan you can track your meals right along with your training.


The Official Fight Plan allocates space to track your sparring rounds, along with your nutrition, and cardio. It considers everything you need to improve your boxing training. There is even a spot for your coach to add comments. By documenting your progress, you will be able to look back and see the areas you have grown in and areas that may need more work.

Start Tracking Your Progress Today

Conditioning your body to be in the best shape possible is something that doesn't happen overnight. Boxing is not a game. It is something that you develop over weeks, sometimes months. The Official Fight Plan is the planner that tracks your training progress and helps you become a better boxer.

Thank You for Your Support

The Official Fight Plan was designed by Eric McGuire, a boxing coach with over 25 years in the business, in collaboration with S.H.Productions. We believe this planner will help you become a better boxer. And we thank you for your support. All proceeds from the sale of this planner go to help fund a boxing camp for those who can't afford to pay for training.

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